Noah’s Routine: 8 to 16 weeks

I was very hesitant to alter Noah’s routine because he was finally sleeping at night. He usually had a 6 hour uninterrupted stretch and then three to four more hours of sleep after he was fed. However, his naps during the day were becoming increasingly difficult as he no longer required two hour naps. He was still alert and playful when his nap time was supposed to begin so I knew that a change was necessary. The first two or three days of his new schedule were difficult because he had become so accustomed to his old pattern. However, we have now successfully transitioned to a new pattern, detailed below, that allows him to have more play time

7: 00am Feeding. I try to get my shower and get ready to start the day before Noah awakens. I typically get up around 6 or 6:30am.

7:30 Playtime: during this playtime Noah usually does tummy time on his play mat. I sit next to him in the floor and pump and eat my breakfast while he is playing (multitasking has become a way of life).

8: 30am Nap (as close to 1 ½ hours as possible). I am still swaddling Noah and using white noise for his naps. He takes all of his naps in the crib unless we are out and about and then he naps while I carry him in the Solly wrap. During this first nap time I clean the house, unload the dishwasher, and start a load of laundry. I usually eat a large snack/ second breakfast as well.

10: 00am Feeding

10:30am Playtime I like to take Noah outside during this playtime. We alternate between going on walks in his stroller and him laying on a blanket in the yard. If the weather is not good then we will just listen to music and play in his nursery.

11: 30am Nap (as close to 1 ½ hours as possible). This is when I make myself lunch and fold any laundry I have washed.

1: 00pm Feeding

1:30 Playtime This is a good time of day for us to run errands if we need to. Otherwise we either go outside or play in his nursery again.

2: 30pm Nap (as close to 1 ½ hours as possible). This is the time of day when I have “me time.” Sometimes I write a blog post like this one, sometimes I paint my nails, and sometimes I take a nap. This is just a time for me to take care of myself.

4: 00pm (C*) Feeding

4:30 Playtime David is home so he will play with Noah. Recently, we have put Noah in his highchair and made dinner while he watches us. Regardless, it’s a really fun time to spend together as a family.

5: 30pm Nap (45 minutes –1 hour). David and I usually finish dinner and eat. If we are running behind, then one of us will do the nighttime routine while the other one makes dinner and we will eat after Noah is asleep. Usually I will have a second pump of the day after I lay Noah down for this nap.

6: 30pm (C*) Begin bath time routine. Noah likes to listen to Disney piano music while he gets his bath. We do a soap bath every third day and a warm water bath the middle two. After his bath we put lotion and a diaper on him so that I can have skin to skin time with him while he nurses.

7: 00pm (C*) Feeding When Noah is almost done nursing I will put his owlet on, dress him, swaddle him, dim the lights and put on his white noise. He gets very drowsy when I do this so it is easy for me to put him to sleep after a few more minutes of nursing.

7: 30pm Bedtime I lay Noah down to sleep in his pack and play next to our bed. After Noah is asleep David and I usually clean up from dinner and get things prepared for the next day.

-Noah usually wakes up for a feeding between 2:30 and 4am. He is goes back to sleep easily after his feeding and often he falls asleep while I am still nursing him. I use my Haakaa with this feeding since I need to empty the side he is not nursing on.

I know that this schedule looks very rigid and completely unrealistic for most babies. However, as I stated in the last routine post, I do not expect Noah to stick to this schedule perfectly. There are some days when we have to run errands and I do not follow his routine exactly. There are also other days when Noah wakes up hungry 30 minutes before his next feeding time. If Noah is hungry then I will feed him even if it is “early,” if he seems very tired then I will also lay him down “early.” Occasionally he will be wide awake and want to play for an extra 15 or 20 minutes and I let him. I think that we have been successful with this routine because I stay flexible and just use it as a guideline. Having a routine creates a nice flow to our day and gives us some predictability that makes it easier to get other things accomplished. I used the book Mom’s on Call when creating this schedule. However, in the book they are much more strict, so we have adapted the concepts to suit our family. If an entire schedule seems daunting for you and your little one then I would still recommend implementing a morning and nighttime routine. I found that consistency in the morning and at night helped Noah to distinguish daytime from nighttime and was crucial for helping him sleep at night.

You can watch Noah's 3 month update below!

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