Why We Don't Own a TV and What We Do Instead.

My husband and I have been married for five years and have only briefly owned a TV (family gave us one for free). However, we rarely used it since we didn’t have cable and only own three DVDs. In the beginning, we were broke and could not have afforded TV or cable. In addition, we were both in college and working for the first few years of our marriage. After going so many years without a TV in our home, it is not something that either of us miss. In fact, when we bought our current home, we decided to hang mirrors in front of the television mounts.

When we tell people that we don’t own a television we are often asked “What do you do?”. My husband and I are both very busy and usually want to reply, “How do you have time for TV?”. However, I thought it might be fun to list some of our favorite things to do instead of watching TV.

Go outside: We are very fortunate to live near a park and we love to take family walks when my husband gets home from work.

Make Dinner: My husband and I enjoy cooking together and trying new recipes. Our nine-month-old usually watches us from his highchair, but when he gets older, he will help too.

Work on Projects: My husband is a project guy. He is always working on something around the house (building a porch swing, pressure washing the driveway and fence, cutting the grass etc.). I also have things that I am working on (writing blog posts, preparing to consign some of our son’s clothes, and keeping the house clean). Whenever possible we work on these projects together. Last night my husband and I worked on sealing our wooden fence after we put our son to bed.

Go to the Gym: We purchased a membership to the civic center two minutes from our house. My husband and I want to take full advantage of it so we take turns going to the gym in the afternoons. I love to listen to audiobooks while I work out and I consider this “me time.”

Play Games: When we have friends over. we love to play games. We have collected a good selection of games over time and find that this is a great way to keep guests entertained and spend quality time together.

I could continue this list forever. Instead, consider what things you would love to do “if you had time.” Perhaps you would love to get in shape, cook healthy meals, or get more involved in your church or community. I promise that there is no shortage of things to do in the time you would have spent watching TV. Even if you are not sure about ditching TV entirely, you could slowly cut back the time you watch it as you add in new activities.

I would love to hear about your favorite non-screen time activities!



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Courtney lives in Birmingham, Alabama with her husband, David, and son, Noah. She works as a nurse and a Mom. Courtney is inspired by Montessori practices, sustainability and minimalism.

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