3-12 Month Favorites

I did a post covering my favorite products for the newborn stage (0-3 months), and now that Noah is nearing a year I felt like I should do an updated version. I want to start by saying you do not need any of these things to be a wonderful parent and have a thriving baby. However, these have been the things that we have used consistently and would use with future babies.


Graco Duo-Diner 3 in 1 High Chair ($120 currently on sale)

-What I like about it: Noah started eating solids around 6 months and since we did baby led weaning it was extremely messy. I love that the cover on this highchair is extremely resilient and always looks brand new out of the wash.

360 Sippy Cup ($11.29)

-What I like about it: I like that this cup is spill resistant and pretty similar to a regular cup. I also like that it has less pieces to wash than our other sippy cup that has a weighted straw. Noah was able to drink out of this cup from about 6 months old and now prefers it over a bottle.

Boon Silicone Feeder ($11)

-What I like about it: I originally bought Noah a mesh feeder but it was almost impossible to clean. I love this product because it is so easy to clean and can go in the dishwasher. I think this is great for frozen fruit especially for a baby that is teething. 

EzPz Placemat ($20)

What I like about it: I like that it sticks to the high chair tray so that he can’t throw it over the edge when he’s done eating. The shape of it also makes it very easy for him to pick up the food and feed himself. I can throw it in the dishwasher after meals for easy clean up too.

Spoons ($4.73)

What I like about them: The chunky handle on these spoons make them very easy for Noah to grasp and get to his mouth. I also like the guard on them because it prevents him from putting the spoon too far in the mouth and gagging himself.


Owlet ($300)

What I like about it: The owlet monitors Noah’s heart rate and oxygen saturation while he is sleeping. He has slept with this owlet every night since he was a newborn and it gives me so much piece of mind.

Halo Sleep Sacks ($25)

What I like about it: After Noah stopped being swaddled at night we switched to these sleep sacks. They are safer than loose blankets and still keep him warm at night.

Two Piece Pajamas

What I like about them: Although I still love the zippered sleepers for newborns I find that Noah outgrows the two piece pajamas much slower.


Aquaphor ($10)

What I like about it: Although I loved Tubby Todd products they are pricey and have to be ordered online. I like that this product is still wonderful for eczema while also being cheaper and more readily available.

Vitamin D ($8)

What I like about it: Our pediatrician recommended giving vitamin D drops to Noah since breast milk doesn’t contain enough vitamin D on its own. The kind we started using had lots of fillers and sugar which is why I like this one better.

Dove Sensitive Body Wash ($8)

What I like about it: Like I mentioned earlier, Noah has eczema which means we have to be more mindful of the products we use on his skin. This body was has been our long time favorite because it is very gentle for it's cost.

Hello Bello Sunscreen ($9)

What I like about it: I wanted to find a mineral based sunscreen for Noah this summer. I liked that the Hello Bello brand was cheaper than other comparable products and it smells amazing.

Huggies Diapers ($40)

What I like about them: I know that diapers vary so much baby to baby. However, for a chunky baby who pees a lot these are the most leak proof I've found. We also love the Huggies overnight diapers for bedtime.

City Mini Stroller ($200)

What I like about it: I can fold this stroller with one hand while holding Noah. It is extremely lightweight and easy to maneuver which were both things I wanted in a stroller. Although it is not great off-road, I still think this stroller was a steal (I found it for $60 on Facebook marketplace). *The one linked is a similar stroller to the one I have.

Graco 4 and 1 Car seat

What I like about it: Noah is still very comfortable in this car seat and has been using it from birth. I love that I didn’t have to worry about exchanging seats when he got to a certain size.

Ergo 360 ($180)

What I like about it: Although I preferred the Solly Wrap when Noah was a newborn, I love the Ergo now. It’s wonderful for places that are crowded or not stroller friendly and we use it several times per week. Noah really enjoys being able to forward face in this carrier.

Many of our favorite things for Noah have been purchased from Facebook marketplace and consignment sales. You do not need to break the bank to get things for your baby. With that said, I hope this is helpful for any Moms wanting tried and true products for their babies. I am going to do a separate post with his favorite toys since that would make this blog extremely long!


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