Hungry Caterpillar First Birthday Party

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is one of Noah’s favorite books for us to read together. I also love how he sticks his fingers in every hole the caterpillar has eaten through. I chose this theme for his first birthday because of the beautiful colors in this story.

Smash Cake

We decided to get smash pictures early and use them on his invitations. I made him a healthy smash cake that you can read about here. His grandmother sewed his diaper cover, bow tie, and suspenders which turned out adorable (you can find similar ones on Etsy).


My husband made the invitations on our computer and I took them to Office Depot to be printed out.


The decorations were very simple consisting mainly of balloons, crepe paper and construction paper. The balloon arch, highchair, and food table were my main focus for decorating. Noah’s grandmother also made his adorable high chair banner.


We used the foods in the story for inspiration when planning the food. Our party was in the afternoon so we did not serve a full meal. We put little signs in front of the food with quotes from the story that correlated.


This cake was extremely simple and I was very happy with the result. We made twenty-four cupcakes and one six by two inch cake. We used two different shades of green frosting for the body and a bright red for the head. We made the caterpillar’s mouth and eyes from fondant.


I decorated Noah’s crawl tunnel with a caterpillar face and it received a lot of play (especially by my younger brothers). We also gave Noah a play kitchen for his birthday full of food and accessories that all of the kids could play with. Of course Noah also had a blast playing with all of the gifts he received. I think Noah had a wonderful day and I am so thankful for family and friends who loved him so well.

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