Activities for When it’s Rainy or Cold

Make Homemade Playdough:

I made Noah playdough following this recipe and it was extremely easy. The best part was that he stayed entertained for an hour. I think it would be great to get slightly older children involved in making the dough too.

Play the Purse Game:

Noah is fascinated with digging through my purse and opening all of the pockets. For this game, I collected all my old purses (emptied of course) and then hid toys and prizes in the pockets. He had such a great time with this game.

Do an Easter Egg Hunt:

Easter Egg hunts can be done inside during the winter. You can either fill the eggs with candy or you can have your child exchange the eggs at the end of the game for a special snack or prize.

Rotate Your Toys:

As a child, I remember being most entertained with toys that I found in the back of my closet or under my bed (ones that hadn’t been played with for a while.) Other parents have also caught onto this and have started rotating out their children’s toys. This involves putting away toys that your child is no longer interested in and trading them out for ones that have been stored for a while. A cold or rainy day is the perfect time to switch things up in this way.

Make a Seasonal Craft:

There are tons of ideas online for seasonal crafts. This week I made these salt dough ornaments with Noah. Here is a recipe.

Get Out of The House:

Here are a few ideas. Go to the pet store and look at the animals, visit your local library (most libraries have a weekly story time), go to the McWayne Center or go to an aquarium.

Have a Fun Bath Time:

Maybe it’s just my child, but he LOVES bath time. I also love that he can splash around and get some energy out without making a huge mess. One of his favorite ideas is to put glow sticks in the water (turn out the lights for the full effect). You could also try a bubble bath and toys.

I would love to hear any additional ideas you have for keeping your children entertained when it’s rainy or cold outside.


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