Birmingham Consignment Sales Ranked

I have become quite the consignment sale enthusiast since Noah was born (if you are new to consignment sales check out this post). However, I can never keep all the names straight and remember which sales are my favorite and which ones I could skip in the future. Obviously, this is my opinion and you might have a different one. I am also going to include pictures of what I purchased from each sale.

11. Lil' Lambs Consignment Sale in Homewood (Trinity United Methodist Church)

The reason that this consignment sale ranks so low for me is because of the prices and selection. There was a very small selection of clothes in Noah's size and many of the items were stained or $20+ per outfit. In fact, one of the three items I bought I realized was missing a button when I got it home.

10. Whale of a Sale in Vestavia (Vestavia Hills United Methodist Church)

This consignment sale is on the smaller side which is why it ranks lower for me. This sale is unique because it is a Thursday/ Friday sale instead of a Friday/Saturday sale. Friday some items are discounted to 50% off.

9. Bargains on the Bluff in Hoover

This is one of the smaller consignment sales. I went on Saturday when items are marked 25% off. Honestly, my favorite part of this consignment sale is that they usually have a table selling baked goods which are delicious. The other good thing about this sale is that it is close to other sales (and on the same day) so I find that it is worth stopping by.

8. Giggles and Grace

I have had good luck finding toys, puzzles and books at this consignment sale. However, they had a very limited stock of clothes in Noah's size both times I have been (I went at the start of the first day).

7. Market on the Mountain in Vestavia

This sale is 25% off on Saturday which is the day that we shopped. This sale is pretty average (which isn't a bad thing). Overall it has a good selection of clothes and occasionally I will find something else that catches my eye too.

6. Riverchase TNT in Hoover

I went on Saturday which was 30% off. This was my second time shopping this sale and both times I have been very impressed with their selection of clothes. I was able to find very nice church clothes for Noah (some even had tags) that were in perfect condition. This is a sale I will make sure I go to in the future.

5. Kids Market and Mom in Irondale

This consignment sale is without a doubt the biggest consignment sale in Birmingham. So why is it not number one? Because the quality varies drastically. Most consignment sales are extremely picky about stained or damaged items. However, I have seen items at this sale that were very dirty and had obvious stains and tears. I have also bought Noah some of the most beautiful and high-quality wooden toys at the sale. It is really a tossup because you have to find the diamond in the rough. Also be careful to check the prices when there are multiples. Because people price their own things, you will often see two identical items with very different prices. For me, it's worth digging through some junk to get a great find.

4. Kingdom Kids in Gardendale

I really enjoy shopping at this sale because it has a good selection and the prices are reasonable. I normally only buy clothes and shoes at this sale but it's still great.

3. Birmingham Moms of Multiples

I really enjoy shopping the 50% off day of this sale. It's a pretty large sale and I always find something exciting. This time it was a $16 balance bike that I put away for Noah.

2. Mountain Brooke Community Church

This sale always has great quality items. The only thing I don't like about this sale is that they didn't allow strollers the first day until 1 p.m. which meant that I was trying to carry Noah and shop at the same time. In the future I will probably stick to Saturday when everything is 50% off.

1. Trussville Consignment Sale

Okay, I know I might be biased because this is the sale I consign with. However, there are a couple of objective reasons I love it so much. 1. It's large and there is a great selection. 2. Saturday is 50% off (unlike how some places only do 25% or 30%). 3. They do a dollar dash where everything is a $1. Last year I went early as a consigner, then for 1/2 off day, and then to the dollar dash and I found wonderful stuff every time. I bought a ring sling and a Dockatot this year (no I'm not pregnant) because they were a such great price that I don't mind holding on to them for whenever we have another little one.

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