Bee Tree DIY

I saw this adorable project online and immediately knew I wanted to recreate it. David and I been making wooden toys for Noah during quarantine, so if you want to see more of our work look here. I would rank this project medium/hard level of difficulty so it would probably be ideal to start with a simpler project first before attempting this one. However, I am going to break down all the steps if you want to create part or all this project for yourself.

The Bees

I found these pegs from Michael’s for $3. For the first coat, I used watered down Folk Art in the shade school bus yellow. Watering down the paint allows the wood grain to show through so skip that step if you prefer solid colors. I then used this dotting tool to create eyes using white and black paints. It’s important to allow each layer to completely dry before painting over it to prevent the paint from blending or smearing. I used fine paint brushes like these to paint the rest of the body. For the wings hot glued white stiffened felt that I had cut into the correct shape. It took me about an hour to make the bees, but I really enjoyed it. Because of the materials I already owned it cost only about $5 to make the bees.

The Tree

David and I bought several boards of red oak from a wholesaler, so we spent about $3 for the wood used making this tree. We drew the tree on white copy paper and then transferred the outline onto the wood. Then David used a jigsaw and circular saw to cut out the tree. Next we used lots of sandpaper to make all the edges smooth. Lastly, we finished our tree using butcher block conditioner.

The Beehive

My Mom crocheted the beehive from yarn and I think she did a wonderful job (she only had a picture to go off of). However, if you don't crochet, a simple alternative would be to glue yellow yarn to the outside of a paper mache ball to make a hive.

If you make this project please let me know so that I can see your amazing work!


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Courtney lives in Birmingham, Alabama with her husband, David, and son, Noah. She works as a nurse and a Mom. Courtney is inspired by Montessori practices, sustainability and minimalism.

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